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I am a novice to birding and have become interested since walking Frank our dog, a cross Flat Coat / Springer around Hastings Country Park and the surrounding area, I realised the little brown birds weren't just sparrows.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Disappointment at Dungeness

This morning I set off later than intended despite the clocks going back. First stop was at Pett Pools,
They are now filling up after the recent rains and was expecting some good birding however all I could find were Canada Geese, Lapwings, Curlew in the fields, apart from the gulls there were Teal, Mallard and a single Red Shank on the pools. Even on the beach and nearly low tide there was very little showing, I met up with Pete Rouse and we thought it was probably due to the recent works on the beach moving the shingle back from Rye Harbour.
I therefore decided to go onto Dungeness as there were reports of the Great White Egret, Cattle Egret and a Dusky Warbler, however while driving past Scotney Gravel Pits I came accross this flock of Golden Plover and Lapwing
The visitor centre doesn't open untill 10am so I went down the trail straight to the Dengemarsh Pits but alas the Cattle Egret had flown but I did get a good view of the Great White Egret back in the same place as it was the two previous times right at the back of the pit, and got great pleasure showing a couple of others where it was.

I then went back along the trail and by Hookers Pit I was told of a Penduline Tit that had just been seen, although not knowing what I was looking for I hung around for a while and twitchers appeared from all directions, I couldn't wait any longer so moved on back to the car park. In the visitors centre the sightings board showed the Dusky Warbler had been seen earlier so I went over to the ARC pit and joined several others hunting in the bushes for it and again alas no show. On the way back to the truck I passed by a small pool and there was a pair of Ruddy Duck showing their colours well. The wind was now about force 6 so thought I would try looking around the bushes by the observatory as this will be in the lee of the power station.
Apart from the numerous flocks of Gold Finches and Pied Wagtails nothing else showed so decided it was time to head back home.

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